Back to School - September, 2020
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Back to School


Hello creative HSAP Artists!  It is my pleasure to welcome you to ART at Craven’s Corner.. For those of you who are returning...Welcome Back!  I am excited to be reunited ...For those of you who are new to the program, I think you are going to really enjoy taking classes with us, Welcome aboard. 


I am Mrs. Darci Jo Craven, and I have been teaching for 33 years now, and for 10 of those years I have been involved with the HSAP program.  I love it!

My teaching career has found me in Las Vegas, NV.. various Denver area suburbs… the Minneapolis area, and the West Des Moines School District.  My experiences span all ages K-12, and even adult community education teaching pottery.  I love all mediums of Art, yet my CLAY!  My K-12 Art Education degree is from Iowa State University, and I also hold a certificate in Art Therapy from Grandview College in Des Moines, Iowa.  My immediate family consists of my husband, Steve..two college-aged children, Curt and Jolynne, and two kitties, Sox and Garfield.  

This year’s theme is… “CONSTRUCTION,” at Craven’s Corner..Within this theme we will take a look at how the Art Elements and Principles of Design can be used as “building blocks” to create our artworks.  We will kick off the year with some portraiture, collage, and metal embossing.  Although this year is unique and sure to look very different from years past, I am confident that we will enjoy creating together!  I am thrilled to be your guide.

Another group I look forward to working with is the Drama Props Club which meets on various Fridays to create works which compliment the Drama plays.  These students are 6th-12th graders who wish to spend a little additional time helping to create works at the request of the Drama Instructors which will be used in performances.

Currently collecting:  Newspaper and appropriate magazines.  Thank You in advance!

Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns at:  Mrs. Darci Jo Craven: 



Middle School Book Club will read The Giver, The Book Thief, the play Our Town as well as a few other titles yet to be determined.  I am so excited for you to experience these wonderful books and plays!


High School Book Club will start the year reading the play 12 Angry Men. The other titles are yet to be determined but some options are Night, and Romeo & Juliet.

Feel free to contact me at


Your drama teachers for the 2020-2021 school year are Sara Nichols and myself, CeCe Talley!


For biographical information on Mrs. Nichols, please see the above details under “6th-12th Grade Writing and Book Club.”

I, Mrs. Talley, am entering into my 9th year with the homeschool enrichment program.  My family is made up of my husband, Jim, and two teenage daughters, Josie and Rachel, and our faithful and friendly labradoodle, Coco.  In my 20+ years of teaching, I have also been an English and Speech teacher, and although I enjoy both those subjects, the theatre is my real LOVE!  

This year, we will be re-doing our theme of Famous Stories and Authors, with a lot of revision.  We have re-worked it all and assigned scripts to the various ages and classes. You might see a familiar script for your child, but there is a good chance your child will have new material. :)

Despite the circumstances under which we are starting this year, I am optimistic for good things and wonderful opportunities to grow as students and actors!!!


Contact me anytime at or Mrs. Nichols at with any questions! 

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IDEAS        ORGANIZATION           WORD           CHOICE           VOICE           SENTENCE FLUENCY


We’re really looking forward to getting back to school to work with your child in writing class this year!


Our theme this year is MAGNIFYING MEMORABLE MOMENTS. We welcome students of all writing abilities, as we make writing relevant and interesting for each child. Students will improve their writing skills, as we further their understanding of the Traits of Writing (listed above). Each class will include a trait-specific lesson on a variety of writing genres. Some of these may include: personal narrative, descriptive, persuasive, and informative writing to name a few.


Our K-1 writers will engage in interactive and shared writing experiences with their teacher, as they ease into a variety of themed independent writing activities.

Grades K-1: Please provide a 1- inch binder, with a clear-view front pocket insert.

Grades 2-5: Please provide a 1- inch binder, with a clear-view front pocket insert AND one set of 3 hole punched 5 tab dividers for your child to use in class. It would be very helpful to have these tab dividers labeled with the writing trait names listed in order above.


This binder will serve as the Writer’s Notebook that students will be responsible for bringing to class each week. It also serves as a collection of their work.  Please take time each week to have your child share their writing with you.  This is a great way to encourage and build your child’s confidence as a writer. On occasion, students will need to complete work at home that they started in class. Many times this work will be needed for the next week’s lesson. Please feel free to contact us with any questions that you may have. It’s going to be a great year!

Mrs. Weis…………

Mrs. Chapman…

Mrs. Drost…………   


6th-12th Grade Writing

Welcome to the 2020-2021 Home School Enrichment school year!  I am Sara Nichols, and I am excited to be your Writing and Book Club teacher (and I teach Drama too!).  I studied Theatre Education at Drake University and earned my Master’s in Education from Viterbo University.  I have taught English, Speech, and Drama for over 24 years.  I have taught at Rex for 4 years. This summer, my family got its first puppy, Stella!

We will continue to incorporate the 6 + 1 Traits of Writing in our writing studies.  Our class will run much like a writer’s workshop where we analyze each other’s writing during class and offer feedback.  We will learn how to provide constructive criticism to our peers’ writing.  Students really enjoy sharing their writing with others during class.  We will be writing “This I Believe” essays this fall as well as presenting the Demonstration Speeches that were cut short last school year.  We plan to use the LMS platform Canvas for 6th-12th Grade writing this year. 


If your student checked out a Chromebook, please have them bring it to class as we will use them every day.  If you did not check out a Chromebook, each student will still have a Canvas account through the district that can be accessed on any computer.  We will have extra Chromebooks for those students who did not check one out to use during class.  Canvas will be a great tool for turning writing assignments in electronically and offering digital feedback from the teacher and peers.  All writers should also bring a writer’s notebook where they can keep papers, assignments, etc. to bring to school every day.

Feel free to contact me at



Physical Education Wednesday/Thursday

Mr. Blake


I am thrilled to get the school year started.  It has been a while since we have been together.  For those of you returning, I cannot wait to see you again.  If you are new to the program, I look forward to meeting you.  Physical Education at “Rex” attempts to get you moving and have fun while moving.  That goal has not changed.  


Please know that I recognize that you are sharing your child/children, and I am privileged to spend time with your child/children.  I want them and you to know that caring and respect will be valued in all that we do.   


It is difficult to ignore the focus on safety.  Please encourage good listening skills always, but most certainly in all of our practices to remain safe and have fun.  I intend to use the outdoors more than has been done in the past.  Have warm clothing for your children on cooler days and provide tennis shoes whether we are inside or outside.  Boots and sandals are not appropriate to use to run.


Activities will always be age-appropriate.  Some of the games range from basketball, baseball, soccer, kickball, dodgeball, broomball, scooters, walking, jump rope, parachute, newcomb ball and beanbag jump.  We will evaluate and use new activities as well.  We will also do some stretching and running, keeping in mind the need to be healthy and moving.


I have been involved in education for over forty years.  My life has been connected to children over these years.  My wife and I have two grown children.  I am now the grandfather to five grandchildren.  Nothing gives me more joy than actively spending time with them.  I have a beautiful golden retriever named Cisco. I also work in a couple different capacities--Iowa Cubs and Drake University.  I enjoy walking throughout the surrounding neighborhood with my wife and dog, and I love to go fishing.  


Physical Education Monday/Tuesday

Mr. Mohr

Welcome everyone to a “NEW” school year! This school year is unique because we are in a different building with some new rules and safety precautions. 

I am so looking forward to seeing all of our past students as well as the new ones that are coming to HSAP. In our physical education class, we will be doing some of our old games and activities as well as some new ones. We will be going outside as long as the weather cooperates this fall so you may want to pack a sweatshirt or light jacket when coming to school. Tennis shoes are also a must along with a water bottle with your name on it or a specific identification. 

Again, we are so looking forward to getting started with school this year and working with all of our students!


Welcome to science! I’m so excited to see returning students and meet new ones this year.


My name is Sarah Trosper and this is my 7th year teaching science with the HSAP program. I hope you all had a wonderful summer and whether you tried to or not, I bet you all “did a little science” along the way. I spent lots of time outdoors over the summer with my husband, Chris, and our 3 children: Abby (10th grade), John (8th grade) and Kate (6th grade). We had a wonderful 6 months together, but they are all excited to be back with their teachers and classmates in Waukee, and I am thrilled to be back here with all of you!


We will spend time this year learning about the following topics:


Fall 2020 

Metric System/Science Equipment

Insects (K-1)

Magnets and Electricity (2-12)

Spring 2021

Ecosystems/Biomes in a bottle

Chemistry (if time allows)

Please don’t ever hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. My contact is

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SPANISH - Mrs. Day

Welcome to the 2020-2021 Home School Enrichment school year! 


I am Allyson Day (or Señora Day as you will hear your children say), and I am excited to be your child’s Spanish teacher this year!  I have lived and taught in West Des Moines all my life.  I studied Elementary Education and Spanish at Drake University.  I have five children ranging in age from 19 to 27, and two grandchildren!

Based on the student population of each class, I will teach with a combination of review/practice of what the students have previously learned along with many NEW language concepts, vocabulary, and culture.  I will teach and review basic conversational Spanish throughout the year.  Animals and landforms will be the big units of the year!


Please bookmark my website which has been designed specifically for HSAP!  It has links to Spanish games, videos, and websites we use in class.  It will also have photos of some of our special activities!!

Here is my website:  


Please also bookmark the website for our WDM HSAP Program.  You can find the answers to just about any question you might have!


If your child is in 6th, 7th, or 8th grade, they will most likely be placed in one of two classes:  Spanish A (a textbook-based class), or Spanish B (a textbook-based class that (along with Spanish A) will prepare them for Spanish 2 at VHS or VSW.  These students will have weekly (EASY!) mini-quizzes.  The current week’s vocabulary can be found on my website:   Contact me any time at: (school email)

SPANISH - Mrs. Chapman

Welcome to an exciting year of Spanish at HSAP!

My name is Señora Chapman, your 2nd or 3rd grade child’s Spanish teacher. I studied Elementary Education and Spanish at Iowa State University. I’ve taught in West Des Moines for many years. This year marks my eighth year with the West Des Moines Homeschool Program. My husband and I have two kids, Reed an 8th grader and Kate, a 7th grader at Van Meter.

My students, both new and returning will feel ready to jump right in, during a bit of gentle review. Later on, I will introduce new language concepts, along with vocabulary and culture within our units of study.

Conversational Spanish is also an important component that we will be covering in class. Our big units of the year will include landforms and animals.

I always encourage my students to practice their Spanish skills outside of the classroom. Each student will be bringing home a complete list of important Spanish vocabulary and terms that we’ll be learning in class. Please remind them to keep this paper in a special place where they will be able to review it.


Students may also visit Señora Day’s website at: to find exciting new Spanish games and engaging review activities.

Mrs. Chapman…