October, 2020
Legal Research and Writing

Middle School Book Club just finished reading The Giver by Lois Lowry.  We will not be reading the rest of the books in the quartet so students are welcome to read them on their own.  The next book we will read is Moon Over Manifest by Clare Vanderpool.


High School Book Club is just about to finish reading the play Twelve Angry Men by Reginald Rose.  We have really enjoyed reading it together.  We are still deciding our next title, but I am leaning towards reading Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury (which was the student’s suggestion.)


We are continuing working on all of our plays along the theme of Famous Stories and Authors!  We are so glad to have found that our new drama space is working out great!  The basement is spacious and the stage is very nice.  We have a circle of “X’s” that the kids sit on as a seating arrangement.  We have lots of room to spread out, work in smaller groups, and play games.  


All of the plays are now cast and we are blocking (which means deciding who enters, exits, and moves on stage where and when), deciding on props, practicing being loud and clear, etc.  It is always very exciting when we get the students into set roles and the scripts start to come alive on stage!


Drama games are always a lot of fun AND serve a purpose in drama class!  Games we have played lately include the following: Who Started the Motion, Jumping Beans, Magic Rocks, All My Neighbors, One Word Story, Whoosh, and more!  Although not all kids play all these games (we play certain ones based on age and grade), ask your kids if they recognize any of these and how the game is played!

UPCOMING:  Students (except narrators) should start to memorize lines. We have not given due dates yet, but those will be coming soon.  Also, students do need to provide their own costumes.  This has been an expectation for a few years now, but it is even more important this semester, since we are not at Rex Mathes where we had some costumes on hand, and due to Covid-19, we think it is best to not share or lend costumes.

Art Supply


This semester we kicked off the year with the theme “Construction at Craven’s Corner~”  Sketch Pads were distributed and we created a cover for the books which are being stored in the Art space at WDMCC. The thinking is that as we create Art, we use the Elements of Art and Principles of Design (Such as Line, Shape, Pattern, Color, Texture, Emphasis…) as we “construct” our works. 


The HSAP artists have been busy at work creating the following portrait based projects:

K/1 After hearing the story “King of Kindergarten,”


2/3 & 4/5   After hearing the story “The Day You Begin,”


6/7  Our Middle Schoolers are currently working on some Grid Portraits.  They are working from a photograph of themselves figuring out how to enlarge from a 1/2 “ grid to a 1” grid...essentially doubling the SCALE.


8-12  The older students are creating some inspiring “Personal Portraits”

to be laminated and hung in the halls around the church.  We hope to also

bring them back to Rex Mathes to share there as well.  They have each

chosen an Inspirational quote that represents them, in poster format.


Coming Up: 

Metals, Embossing, Sewing, CLAY (hopeful), and some Calligraphy.

Mrs. Craven will be selecting some Artworks in the coming months for

3 different Art Exhibits and hopefully some of our portraits can represent HSAP.


Thanks for sharing your wonderfully kind, creative children with us!  It is a joy to have them all in our program.


IDEAS        ORGANIZATION           WORD           CHOICE           VOICE           SENTENCE FLUENCY

K-1st Grade Writing

We have been enjoying all things Fall related to our writing. We have loved using our Fall word list to sound out and write our words and sentences about pumpkins, scarecrows, squirrels, and turkeys. Kindergarteners have loved putting on two plays with our popular read aloud books: Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See and The LIttle Old Lady Who Wasn’t Afraid of Anything. First Grade students have been learning how to use their own personal word dictionaries to help them with their story ideas and writing. Ask your child to show off their Writer’s Notebook to you. It is a fantastic way to see what they have been doing and learning

2nd-5th Writing

We are off to a super start as we have been working through the Idea and Organization Traits in writing. Ask your child about how they start their stories with a BOLD Beginning as opposed to a Boring Beginning. They have been doing a dynamite job with this! We have also practiced using transition words to make our writing more interesting and organized. Be sure to take a peek at their Writer’s Notebooks. There you will find out how they pack a lunch (2nd/3rd) and all about their magnified small moments with their personal narratives (4th/5th). Next month we will begin working on the trait of Word Choice which allows for a lot of fun and colorful writing! They are very proud of their hard work!

6th-12th Grade Writing

The students have really enjoyed using Canvas as a learning tool.  We are excited to submit assignments and review each other’s writing electronically this year.  Students have been very engaged in class.  If you haven’t had a chance to become an observer of your student’s Canvas Course, here are the directions on how to do that:


Setting up a Parent Canvas Observer Account 


We are currently working on our “This I Believe” essays which were created in the 1950’s by Edward R. Murrows.  We are in the brainstorming phase at this point and will spend several weeks on the essay.



Kindergarten and 1st graders have been studying school supplies and places in the classroom!  They will LOVE playing FOUR CORNERS with the locations in the class this coming week!  

2nd - 5th graders have been reviewing the calendar and this week wrote entries for the First . . .er SECOND . . . er THIRD . . . er   NEXT SNOW CONTEST!!!  They filled out their entries in SPANISH! 


6th/7th graders just finished studying the Spanish alphabet and learned how to ask “How do you say” in Spanish. 


8th graders just created a class video after learning the location prepositions!  Watch it here:

Mexican Street Decoration

Students have been busy learning about or reviewing the metric system. We have spent time measuring distance/length, volume and mass. All students should have a small (green) metric ruler to practice measuring items around their homes. Students have learned the correct units to use and older students have learned how to convert units using their metric system accordions.


We have also been learning about current science events. We have learned about the 2 full moons in October and what they are called. These past few weeks we have taken a virtual field trip to the National Zoo in Washington, D.C. to visit the new baby panda. There are MANY great resources and 5 LIVE animal cams you can access from your home. Here is the link if you are interested in learning more:


This week we are starting our new unit on Magnets and Electricity. Students will spend time learning about the different types of magnets, why some metals are attracted to magnets and others aren’t, how a compass works and how to make a temporary magnet. We will finish the semester learning about electricity and building different kinds of circuits.

Getting Ready to Run


The year has gone very well.  Thank you for sharing your children with us.  The students have done a fantastic job of participating.  


Since we started the school year, there has been an emphasis on being outside.  We have been blessed with great weather, but it seems to be turning to a colder pattern.  We will likely be spending more time inside.  


We have played a variety of games/activities such as the following:  Capture the Pin, Dance Dot, Red Light/Green Light, Basketball, Scatter Ball, DodgeBall, Sharks and Minnows, Football, Freeze Tag. Heart Smart, Mr. Wolf, Four-goal Soccer, Helicopter Pad, Wiffle Ball, and Kick Ball.  Some are most suited to older students, and others are best used by younger ones.


We will continue to play activities as chosen by the student leaders/captains.  Every student will be a leader at some point.  This means that they choose the activity (if it can be played inside now, and we can do it safely), lead in stretches and running, and help lead the class to the next class.


We look forward to enjoying your children in the upcoming weeks in PE.