Every year, ALL current WDMCS students (this includes all HSAP students) MUST update and verify their information through online registration.


All registration for WDM schools and for HSAP will be completed in one place this year!  This will include the Competent Private Instruction (CPI) Form A and the Course of Study.


  • Proof of residency (if you moved in 2021-22 year and did not previously inform us)

  • Immunization Records (if applicable)

Iowa law requires parent/guardians to verify certain immunizations.

Iowa Department of Public Health Certificate of Immunization (Required Immunizations based on age)

Iowa Department of Public Health Certificate of Immunization Exemption - Medical Exemption

Iowa Department of Public Health Certificate of Immunization Exemption - Religious Exemption

  • Any new health history since last summer

  • Instructional information: texts, publishers or author, and time spent on each subject taught at home

  • Dual enrollment information: HSAP does NOT fall under dual enrollment.  

If your student will take class(es), band, orchestra or participate in sports at another WDM school other than Rex Mathes, have those classes or sports ready to input when registering online.


  • Select "More" in the left column menu.

  • Click the "Tiger Enrollment" button.

  • Click the "Start" button under 2022-23 Existing Student Enrollment.

See below for detailed instructions on completing the online CPI enrollment questions about WDM HSAP

Questions about online WDMCS enrollment:

Contact WDMCS Registrar Joy Zuber:
(515) 633-5101
(515) 633-5103 fax

Questions about the CPI form and HSAP:

Contact Carol Kramer:
(515) 633-5038


 (OLR) at the link







Detailed instructions on how to fill out the CPI form A for WDM HSAP:

1.  Student Information:

  • Fill in student's full name

  • Fill in student's date of birth

  • Fill in student's address

2.  Name and Address of Person Filing CPI report:

  • Fill in the filer's full name

  • Fill in the filer's address (if different from the student's address)

  • Fill in the filer's phone number

  • Mark Yes or No for parent, guardian or custodian

3.  Immunizations Evidence or Notarized Exemption Waiver:

  • Make sure current proof of immunizations or a notarized waiver for exemption of immunizations is on file with WDMCS.

4.  Instructional Program Information                                                                    

  • Enter the subjects you will be teaching at home

  • Enter the title of each text you will be using at home

  • Enter the text publisher or author for each text you will be using at home

  • Enter the time you plan to spend on each subject

  • (Lesson plans will be shared with your supervising teacher during your meetings.)

5.  Number of CPI Instructional Days:

  • Fill in number of days you are planning for instruction  (Must be at least 148 per academic year.)

6.  Licensed Instructor or CPI Supervisor Information:

  • This does NOT need to be filled out if Dual Enrolling or participating in our Home School Assistance Program (HSAP)

  • (Your supervising teacher will be assigned to you in August.)

7.  Participation in Special Education Services and/or Dual Enrollment:

  • Mark Yes or No if your student will be participating in special education services and/or dual enrollment

8.  Special Education Services and Programs (Required if Answered Yes to Item 7)

  • Mark Yes or No if your student is currently identified as a child requiring special education

  • Mark Yes or No if you consent to initial evaluation or reevaluation of your child for receipt of special education services or programs

9.  Dual Enrollment (Required if Answered Yes to Item 7):

a.  Mark "Yes" if your child is participating in a class or sport at one of the WDMCS schools other than Rex Mathes. 

b.  Check all that apply to what your child is dual enrolling for

c.  Fill in grade level for 2022-2023 school year   

d.  List subject(s) and/or activity(ies) (sports) your child will be participating in at one of the WDM schools other than Rex Mathes.       Please be specific. This does NOT include participation in our HSAP or checking out a chromebook.

10.  Home School Assistance Program:

  • Mark "yes" for participation in our WDM Home School Assistance Program.

Parent/Guardian/Legal or Actual Custodian Signature (required)

CPI form A Sample page 2.PNG
CPI form A Sample page 1.PNG
The Competent Private Instruction Form A (CPI) will be included in the district online registration (OLR) at the link above.  Therefore, you do not need to complete a separate CPI Form A.  The information provided below is given in case you have questions about how to answer the online enrollment CPI questions about WDM HSAP.