This class is performance-based, with a lot of fun thrown in throughout!  Drama students of all ages will play games; some titles include “Who Started the Motion,” “Magic Beans,” “Masters and Robots,” “Revolving Door,” and “Freeze.”  Body and vocal warm-ups are a part of class as well.  Students will have a chance to work with different genres of theatre, possibly including pantomime, puppetry, choral reading, storybook theatre, and one- and three-act plays. Many times, students will be actively involved in writing the plays!  Students also will have opportunities to help create and gather materials needed for each show. Sometimes, a mini-audition will take place to choose roles.  All students will play a role unless a backstage position is desired—there is a place for every child in this class!!


We will have performances two times a year, at the end of each semester.  These will be evenings of delightful entertainment complete with costumes, props, and scenery.  There are few things more heart-warming to see than children taking the stage to act for an audience!  Younger students will develop a self-confidence that will last throughout their lives, and the older ones will find talents that they didn’t even know they possessed! 

Many of our spring plays are produced by permission of Drama Notebook.

April 30:

Drama performances for ALL 2nd & 3rd grade students.

May 1:

Drama dress rehearsal for grades 4-12.

May 5:

Drama performances for grades 4-7 who attend Monday/Tuesday classes.

May 8: 

Drama performances for grades 4-12 who attend Wednesday/Thursday classes.

Second Semester Drama Dates



I was born and raised in Des Moines, attending Hoover High School.  I then went on to Drake University, earning my B.F.A in Theatre Education.  Later, I earned my Masters in Education from Viterbo University.  I am certified to teach English, Speech and Drama.


I started my teaching career at East High School teaching Drama.  I then went on to teach English, Speech, and AP Literature and Composition at North High School for 12 years.  While teaching at North, I was an Asst. Drama Director directing plays, coaching events for Speech contest, constructing sets, designing costumes and lights, and more.  I then chose to stay home with my son.  During that time, I started and have continued to work for Cecelia Talley and DramaTykes teaching drama at daycares, preschools, and elementary schools.  


My family and I like to ride bikes, hike, read, decorate our new home, and watch our son participate in sports and the arts.

The ability to communicate effectively is a vital skill and I am proud that is what I get to teach.  Theatre and the communication arts is my passion.  I have been involved in the theatre since I was a child.  Sharing my love for theatre and communication with your children is a thrill.  Thanks so much!

Nichols head shot.jpeg



I have a degree in Speech Communication: Public Address and am certified to teach Drama, Speech, English, and Spanish.  I attended Loras College in Dubuque, IA.


I started my teaching career in Bogotá, Colombia at an all-girls Catholic school.  I then taught English, Speech, and Drama for eight years at Lincoln High School in Des Moines.  At Lincoln, I also coached and directed speech contest and plays.  For eight years, I was a stay-at-home mom, during which time I created my own company, DramaTykes.  Along with my four employees, I continue to teach at local daycares, preschools, and elementary schools with DramaTykes.

My husband Jim and I have two daughters, Josie and Rachel, and a canine member of the family, Coco, a mini-labradoodle. 


My family loves to boat, fish, bake, and hike!  I also enjoy listening to one daughter play the piano and watching the other bowl on her school's team, and watching both perform on stage!  Spending time with extended family and traveling are also favorite activities. 

I believe strongly in imparting effective communication skills to students.  I love the theatre and sharing that love with students!  Turning the show over to the kids so they can own it is amazing.  Watching a shy child come alive on stage is very fulfilling.  In addition, the magic of the backstage the night of the show is a tremendous experience I treasure with the students!!