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Science is a class where students are encouraged to question, explore and engage in the world around them. They will use prior knowledge to further engage in topics through experiments. Students in grades K-12 will generally study the same topics during the year,  but activities are differentiated to meet skill levels of the students. 


This upcoming school year we will start with an activity in each class where students work together to practice, review and strengthen their science skills and get to know their classmates. We will also spend a few weeks learning about and/or reviewing the metric system. Students will identify and use a variety of lab equipment items to better understand how and when to use them.  


Our first big unit of the year for all grades will be Astronomy. We will spend time learning about the sun and other stars, the planets in our solar system and our moon. We will end our unit with the star lab where students will have the opportunity to climb into a planetarium and see the stars. 


After winter break, we will study Human Body Systems. We will spend time learning about our skeletal and muscular systems, circulatory and respiratory systems, and digestive and excretory systems. We will do things a little differently this year with dissection and animal studies (crayfish and owls) in the spring to apply what we have learned about our body systems and living things. 


I am looking forward to a wonderful year with your children. My biggest wish is for them to enjoy science, ask endless questions about our topics and become more aware of science in their everyday lives.

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I attended Drake University to receive my B.S. in Biology and Secondary Education. Then I went on to attend Iowa State University to receive my M.S. in Science Education.

I taught middle school science and high school biology for the Des Moines Public Schools for 10 years. When our oldest daughter was born, I was able to stay home and continued substitute teaching part-time. I began teaching for the HSAP program in 2014.


Mom to Abby (senior), John (sophomore), Kate (8th grader) and Wrigley (our 2 year old Golden Retriever).



I enjoy traveling, spending time with extended family, riding bikes, going on walks and working in my yard. I love watching my kids do what they love...competitive swim team, baseball, golf, volleyball and show choir. Fall is my favorite time of the year with the beautiful weather, colors all around and Hawkeye football! 

I love sharing my love of science and nature with kids! Their curiosity and questions keep me learning new things every day.

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