Science is a class where students are encouraged to question, explore and engage in the world around them. They will use prior knowledge to further engage in topics through experiments. Students in grades K-12 all study the same topics during the year,  but activities are differentiated to meet skill levels of the students. 


This upcoming school year we will start with a unit on basic science skills using a variety of science equipment. We will work on measuring to find distance, mass and volume of different objects using the metric system. Students in the upper grade levels will also work on converting measurements within the metric system. We will also have a special visit from the star lab during the first month of school-always a favorite.


We will continue the year with a unit on chemistry-learning how different materials interact to form new materials. We will spend time learning about the periodic table of the elements and conduct some exciting lab experiments.


We will be learning about the human body systems-more specifically the skeletal, muscular, respiratory and circulatory systems. We will learn how these all work independently and interact for our bodies to function and move in amazing ways. We will also spend some time dissecting with the older grades and studying crayfish with the younger grades.


If time allows, we will finish the year with a unit on optics to learn how our eyes work and interact with light to see and focus on things all around.


My biggest wish is for your children to enjoy science, to ask endless questions about each topic and be curious about the world around them.  

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I attended Drake University to receive my B.S. in Biology and Secondary Education. Then I went on to attend Iowa State University to receive my M.S. in Science Education.

I taught middle school science and high school biology for the Des Moines Public Schools for 10 years. When our oldest daughter was born, I was able to stay home and continued substitute teaching part-time. I began teaching for the HSAP program in 2014.

My husband, Chris, and I have three children: Abby, John, and Kate.


I enjoy spending time outdoors with my family riding bikes, swimming and gardening. My husband and I enjoy scuba diving on the island of Bonaire. I also enjoy Hawkeye football and I LOVE the CUBS!

I love sharing my love of science and nature with kids! Their curiosity and questions keep me learning new things every day.